Land Of Youth (Tir Nan Og)

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Thuata de Danann

Different colours, wonderful flowers standing on my way…
A brilliant music sounding from the grass yeah…
I feel the embrace of land, the birds are singing on my back
What marvellous road I’m walking – Am I going mad?

You are no crazy neither mad
You’re entering the ancient land of youth

Welcome this our home call Tir nan Og
This magical song is played for you
Let’s dance and drink – we praise the love
Come on young man …let’s go Uhaaaaa

There’s a constant happiness – the people never cry
A never ending dance – the fellows always getting high
I won’t return, will leave my ordinary world behind
I want to bring each one of you to fly high

Call me your diamond
Maybe you can find something like this inside your own
Shameful running people
Your masks will fall and the princes won’t remember you

You must think I’m numb
Maybe I am but you can follow me right now
I’m stoned by this air
Let’s celebrate our differences in this land
I can show you more
I can give you more…
You would never know how many gifts I could give you
The magical people want you here
Let your fate in the hands of theirs


Viciei ><


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