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Thuatha de Danann

The old man told me a story about a tall man
Brazuzan the man high as a hill
He was so big, that when he walked through the old village
People went back home and start to pray

Each step of him all the ground shakes and it sounds
Like a hurricane, but no one knows how good was his good heart

Since he was a little kid he never had a friend
Only Grinch the fox and Lix the tree
And he cried too much, was so sad, so sad, always felt alone
His tears became flood to the people

But one day Grinch came to know that Guilart – the evil giant – would came to the village bringing his evil horde…

Coming the day on the hill of the wise
The meeting has succeed
The both seems like two walls colliding
Blood in everywhere
Hammers hitting – Swords screaming
Giants falling down
Guiliart headless – Bleeding Brazuzan

On that day the unique who cried was the tree and the fox
And for short minutes the cry of the land was listened to everyone
The people felt band and they were full of blame – they loose a grandious man
And all the faery beings sung magical hymns for him

Crying people coming from the village to his grave
Tears felt down on his tomb
Praying from a possible return of the man

So Brazuzan came to rise up and with love of all the people
Became the great village guardian…

A fantastic party begins…


2 comentários sobre “Brazuzan

  1. Tuatha é demais mesmo, uma das melhores bandas de folk metal, e do mundo, porque daqui do Brasil com certeza são “A” melhor, hehe


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